Wing Chun Academy of Stockholm
詠春拳學會 - 瑞典
The traditional soft internal Wing Chun KungFu martial art
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Independent reference videos

From WCAA Wing Chun

2015 Wing Chun 0 inch punch power demo

Wing Chun 0 inch punch power from the fully stretched arm for showing the power is not coming from the arm but rather from the ground, body structure and mind power

2014 Wing Chun real-time defense demo

Against 2 opponents + wrestling diving attacks

2012-05-05 Demo at Sweden Beijing Chinese Association's 35 years celebration

Demo of SiuNimTao form Chum kiu form, ChiSao, attack defense, and takedowns

2011 Demo at Stockholm Kung Fu Festival

Description of bio-energy (internal energy) development from the SiuNimTao form. Also ChiSao and some Chain-punch drills with TanSau+GamSao, PakSao and BongSao.

2009 Summer training outdoor 1

ChiSao exercise - Classical PakDa attack defended by YeeJeeKimYeungMa (YeeMa) turning foward step + diagonal ChumSao

2009 Summer training outdoor 2

ChiSao exercise - Classical returning PakDa attack defended by step-in counter PakSao attack